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Yuma Medical. LP

Yuma Medical. LP

“Yuma Medical” is the manufacturer with an interconnected chain of enterprises, which include whole range of works from design, manufacturing and processing of ingredients to the finished stages of scientific research, product development in the field of aesthetic medicine, as well as the release of finished medical devices. Thanks to the advanced experience and innovative approaches, the Company has become a recognized leader in these areas of activity.

Our partners are the world's leading companies. In its work the “Yuma Medical” company uses modern technologies, modern equipment and environmentally friendly materials that meet the latest requirements and standards. The company's management pays constant attention to the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions and is engaged in search for and development of the most advanced methods for solving problems of the involutionally changed skin.

Highly qualified medical and engineering staff and tight-knit work collective that has extensive experience in this field ensure the success and efficiency of the enterprise. Today, some 2000 people work at facilities and enterprises-partners. Over the years of work we have achieved the highest level of professionalism of our employees, encouraging them towards self-improvement and creative approach in any matter.

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