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Caregen LTD

Caregen LTD

Caregen is a global leader of research and marketing of

Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors.

Caregen is not only the world's first company which has registered Growth Factors in PCPC (Personal Care Products Council, formerly CTFA), but also possesses various Biomimetic Peptide patents all around the world.

Our advanced R&D in biotechnology industry has led us to patented active ingredients with an excellent reputation in the cosmetic industry for many years.

Dermaheal was launched in 2004 and the name 'Dermaheal' is a compound word using 'Dermis' and 'Heal' with the concept of taking care of our skin with innovative active ingredients. Dermaheal has been attracting customers all over 120 countries and keeping up with technological innovation to make our products more accessible and affordable to our customers.

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