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Botulax 100u - Filler Lux™ - Botulinumtoxin - Hugel

Botulax 100u


BOTULAX is a peripheral muscle relaxant that contains purified botulinum toxin type A (in combination with haemagglutinin) and sodium chloride (excipient). The mechanism of action of the product is based on the ability of botulinum toxin type A to block the transmission of nerve impulses. Intramuscular administration of the toxin disrupts the synthesis of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter that ensures neuromuscular conduction) and leads to temporary paralysis of the facial muscles. Frozen facial expressions help relax muscles and smooth wrinkles.

Product composition: Botulinum toxin type A, Saline 0.9%, NaCl 20ml - 1ea

Botulax 100ui

1 vial, 100 units per pack

Weight: 30 g

Manufacturer: Hugel pharma co. ltd, South Korea

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any negative effects that you may encounter after administering products by yourself. It is recommended to consult a  doctor or medical professional for any procedure.

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