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Asco-1Ascorbic Acid 10g/20mL - Filler Lux™ - IV - Nexus Pharma
Nexus Pharma

Asco-1Ascorbic Acid 10g/20mL


Ingredients and Dosage:

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 10,000mg/20mL



IV / IM / SC Injection


Packing Unit:

10 Vials per box

20 boxes per master carton


On-Label Usage (MFDS / KFDA Standard):




Also commonly used for:

Skin tone brightening, Powerful antioxidant, Antiaging, Antioxidant absorption (eg. For glutathione and thioctic acid)



Store in dark and air tight container, refrigerate at 2~8°C


Why choose Asco-1 Inj. over other Vitamin C Injections?

Asco-1 Inj. has the highest dose among Vitamin C injections, at the lowest price. Asco-1 is also manufactured in one of South Korea’s most advanced pharmaceutical facilities, that produces some of the world’s favorite 10g vitamin C injections. Like al Nexus Pharma original injections, Asconex is also one of the only Korean Vitamin C injections with an all English packaging and product insert.

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