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Finetox 100u - Filler Lux™ - Botulinumtoxin - Daejong Medical Co., Ltd.
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Finetox 100u

What is Finetox?
White or slightly yellow lyophilized product in a clear colorless vial and transparent solution when dissolved in normal saline.
Temporary improvement of moderate to severe glabellar wrinkles due to activities of the corrugator and/or procerus muscles in adults between the ages of 19 and 65.
Cautions for storage
Unopened products should be refrigerated (2~8℃). Dissolved products can be stored in a refrigerator (2~8℃) for 24 hours.
Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"0Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"1
- SDC-PAGE patterns of botulinum toxin protein are the same as standard.
- The purity of Finetox was determined to be 99.6% with SEL-HPLC.
Efficacy Study 1
Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"2Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"3
*According to the electromyography in rats, Finetox has inhibitory effects on neuronal electrical signal transduction comparable to those of the Brand A product.
(To compare Finetoxwith Brand A, 6.0 U Botulinum Toxin was injected into the lateral gastrocnemius muscle of the right leg of a rat for electromyography at 0-, 4-, 8-, 12- and 24-week.)
Efficacy Study 2
Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"4Botulinum Toxin "FINETOX 100U"5
*In an MRI for muscle volume assessment in rats, Finetox has shown its activity that promotes muscle volume reduction comparable to that of the Brand A.
(The sizes of the lateral gastrocnemius muscle of the right leg, the whole leg muscle, and the calf are measured with MRI before and 4, 8, 12, and 24 weeks after injection.)
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