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Liponex - 300 - Filler Lux™ - SKIN CARE - Nexus Pharma
Nexus Pharma



 Liponex-300 is a high-quality injectable solution containing Thioctic Acid and Tromethamine. It is designed for effective relief and detoxification through physiotherapy. Each ampoule contains 476.4mg of Thioctic Acid Tromethamine, providing 300mg of Thioctic Acid per 12ml. This product is manufactured and distributed by Nexus Pharma Co., Ltd., ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Key Features:


Usage Instructions:

  1. Administer as per the physician's instructions.
  2. Ensure aseptic techniques are followed during administration.
  3. Store the product at room temperature (1~30°C) and protect from light.

Package Contents:

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