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DENEB - Filler Lux™

DeneB is a brand of injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid by BioPlus Co., Ltd. for elimination of age-related imperfections and restoration of face volumes. The series is represented by two products including DeneB Classic-H and DeneB Classic-S. Unique feature of the given fillers lies in the special form of hyaluronic acid in the product composition. Immobilized on the specific particles, the cross-linked polymer of hyaluronic acid possesses high affinity to water molecules whereas different degree of water saturation allows to variate filler consistency. In such a way, having the same composition, two fillers of the series might be used for different aims: for face volume restoration or body shape correction in case of DeneB Classic-H or for elimination of profound wrinkles and lips augmentation using DeneB Classic-S.
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