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Sick of thinning hair? Get results with Dermaqual DQ HAIR+!

Sick of thinning hair? Get results with Dermaqual DQ HAIR+! - Filler Lux™

Adrijana Toronto |

DQ HAIR +Sick of thinning hair? Get results with Dermaqual DQ HAIR+! This haircare miracle from France stimulates new hair follicles and increases hair density and elasticity. Formulated with powerful vitamins and mineral salts, it's hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive scalps. Reactivate your hair follicles and experience the feeling of strong, healthy, shiny hair - guaranteed!

DQ HAIR + – DermaqualDQ HAIR+ is a hair-restorative solution. Each vial contains a powerful combination of vitamin B complex (panthenol + pyridoxine + thiamine + biotin) and mineral salts, essential for revitalizing, protecting, and promoting hair growth. DQ HAIR+ is specifically formulated to accelerate hair growth; it restores and increases local microcirculation in the scalp. DQ HAIR+ provides nutritional input and slows the programmed process of follicular involution (stops hair loss). By reactivating the capillary formation process, it also speeds the formation of new hair follicles and provides them necessary nutrients. Panthenol (vitamin B5) acts as a precursor to coenzyme A (CoA), necessary for acetylation reactions. CoA is the cofactor of one of the most important enzymes of the intermediate metabolism; it acts as a cleanser for the scalp and hair follicles by reducing excess secretions of the sebaceous glands. The Iron in gluconate salt plays an important role in the oxidative and hydrogen transport system of the hair follicle. Biotin (vitamin B7) stimulates the production of elastin, helps in the formation of fatty acids, and promotes healthy hair. DQ HAIR+ is a groundbreaking new treatment that helps reactivate dormant hair follicles, leaving hair lush, strong, healthy, and shiny.

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