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Meso-Xanthin F199® - Filler Lux™ - Mesotherapy - ABG Lab

Meso-Xanthin F199®


Meso-Xanthin F199 — anti-ageing skin booster contains seaweed extracts, hyaluronic acid, amino acid complexes, antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, minerals, microelements and dermal growth factors. Is designed to protect, defend and revitalize stem cells in the young and mature skin. It is the first injection treatment to harness the power of epigenetic science to sustain stem cells vitality, delay cell senescence & extend cell lifespan. Meso-Xanthin F199 beautifies skin by restoring the cells’ inner antioxidant defences to prevent the onset of skin ageing. Extensive testing shows Meso-Xanthin F199 has a positive impact on cell cycle defence and on improving the cell survival rate under conditions of daily exposure to environmental cellular stresses including sun, ozone, pollution, smoking and chemical irritants.  Benefits of the Meso-Xanthin F199™ Injection Treatments:

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