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Nithya - Filler Lux™


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            Euroresearch is an Italian company founded in 1983. It operates in a number of pharmaceutical sectors, focusing in particular on research and development, marketing, licensing and trade. Based on its experience, Euroresearch has developed high-quality products and established itself as a leading company in the Collagen market Thanks to its well-established manufacturing processes, Euroresearch products are typically of a high standard and safe, which guarantees the best results.

Nithya Collagen injections have gained popularity for facial and body tightening treatment.

Nithya collagen injections firm the skin tissue and effectively repairing also the topical tissue.
he Nithya S-Line has been developed according to these standards and offers three products that slow down the ageing process of the skin and at the same time make it appear harmless. These do not fall under the category of fillers or bio-revitalisers, but are so-called soft skin care products that can be administered in different ways. Versatile and effective, Nithya S-Line products can be applied to different areas of the face and body to ensure long-lasting and satisfying results. The Nithya S-Line products are also customisable and combinable, so that every customer can get the best help for their individual problem. The Nithya S-Line is largely made of vegan ingredients and always contains different compositions of various, innovative and qualitative ingredients.

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