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Revolax Deep Lido - Filler Lux™ - DERMAL FILLERS - Across Co., Ltd.
Across Co., Ltd.

Revolax Deep Lido


Revolax Deep Lidocaine is high purity bio-degradable hyaluronic acid filler. The most versatile and popular in its series. The product was created using a special crosslinking technology without adding free hyaluronic acid to vary the physical properties of the gel. Filler is biocompatible with human tissues. Revolax has a monophasic structure of regular and dense lattice. 

Strengths of Revolax:

Revolax Deep Lidocaine differs in high plasticity. Filler is easy to administer and spread under the skin. This avoids swelling and bruising after the procedure. An anesthetic in the gel makes the procedure painless.

Scope of Revolax Deep Lidocaine:

Effect lasts 8-12 months.

Product composition: HA 24 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%

Revolax Deep Lidocaine

1 syringe × 1.1 ml per pack

Needle: 27G 

Manufacturer: Across Co. Ltd., South Korea

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any negative effects that you may encounter after administering products by yourself. It is recommended to consult a  doctor or medical professional for any procedure.

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