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Dermal Filler Do's and Don'ts for Wrinkles, Lips, and More

Dermal Filler Do's and Don'ts for Wrinkles, Lips, and More

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1. Research Your Practitioner

  • Do: Ensure your practitioner is certified and experienced in dermal filler treatments. Look for reviews and ask for before and after photos of previous patients.

2. Choose Right Dermal Filler

  • Do: Educate yourself about the different types of fillers and their uses. Understanding the process helps in setting realistic expectations.

3. Discuss Your Aesthetic Goals

  • Do: Have a thorough consultation with your practitioner to discuss your aesthetic goals. This helps in creating a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns.

4. Use Numbing Cream

  • Do: Apply a numbing cream before the procedure to minimize discomfort during the injections.

5. Post-Treatment Care

  • Do: Follow all post-treatment care instructions, including avoiding strenuous activities and not touching or massaging the treated area.


1. Avoid Unqualified Practitioners

  • Don't: Get fillers from unqualified or inexperienced practitioners. This increases the risk of complications and unsatisfactory results.

2. Don't Overdo It

  • Don't: Overfill areas. Start with a conservative amount of filler and add more if needed. Overfilling can lead to an unnatural appearance.

3. Ignore Signs of Complications

  • Don't: Ignore signs of complications such as excessive swelling, bruising, or lumps. Contact your practitioner immediately if you experience any adverse reactions.

4. Engage in Strenuous Activities Post-Treatment

  • Don't: Engage in strenuous activities or exercise immediately after the procedure. This can increase swelling and bruising.

5. Expose to Extreme Temperatures

  • Don't: Expose the treated area to extreme heat or cold right after the procedure. This can affect the results and cause discomfort.

Specific Areas: Wrinkles, Lips, and More


  • Do: Focus on common areas like nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and forehead wrinkles.
  • Don't: Use too much filler in the forehead as it can lead to a heavy look.


  • Do: Enhance the natural shape and volume of your lips subtly.
  • Don't: Overfill lips, which can result in an unnatural, disproportionate appearance.

Cheeks and Jawline

  • Do: Use fillers to contour and add definition to your cheeks and jawline.
  • Don't: Ignore the natural contours of your face; fillers should enhance, not alter your features.


Adhering to these do's and don'ts ensures a safe and satisfying experience with dermal fillers. Whether addressing wrinkles, enhancing lips, or contouring the face, proper care and professional guidance are key to achieving natural and beautiful results. Always prioritize your health and aesthetics by choosing qualified practitioners and following recommended practices.

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