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BD Ultra - Fine Insulin Syringes - Filler Lux™ - Syringes - BD

BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringes


Sell in single pack of 10 syringes 

 BD Insulin Syringes with BD Ultra-Fine™ Needle

BD Insulin Syringes with BD Ultra-Fine™ Needle are designed for safe and effective subcutaneous injection of U-100 insulin. These syringes are optimized to minimize pain and ensure accurate dosing, making them an essential tool for individuals managing diabetes.

Key Features:

Pack Contents:

Usage Instructions:

  1. Wash hands and gather supplies.
  2. To expose the plunger, twist the white cap then pull.
  3. Wipe the top of the insulin bottle with BD™ Alcohol Swab.
  4. To expose the needle, twist the orange shield, then pull straight off.
  5. Pull the syringe plunger down to the desired number of units.
  6. Push the needle through the rubber top of the insulin bottle and push the plunger down completely.
  7. Draw the desired amount of insulin into the syringe.
  8. Inject the insulin subcutaneously as directed by a healthcare professional.
  9. Dispose of the used syringe in an approved sharps container.


  • 31G


  • 15/64 6mm
  • 5/16 8mm


  • .3cc (3/10ml)
  • 1cc (1 ml)
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