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RMDA-S Face Essense - Filler Lux™ - Vials - Zishel Group Co., LTD
Zishel Group Co., LTD

RMDA-S Face Essense

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0.5%PDRN (France)
CHA-5: Growth factor complex (EGF, bFGF, hGH, VEGF, GM-CSG) and peptide complex
0.49% Ascorbic acid (UK)
0.25% Hyaluronic acid (UK)

Zishel RMDA-s is a scientifically formulated product that activates adenosine A2 receptors, promoting fibroblast growth and stem cell proliferation. This leads to rapid tissue regeneration, reducing wrinkles and inflammation, and enhancing hair growth. With purine and pyrimidine bases, it normalizes pigment formation and improves microcirculation for an even facial tone.


  • Box (10 vials/ 3ml each)
  • 1 Vial (3 ml)
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