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Jalupro® Super Hydro - Filler Lux™ - Mesotherapy - Professional Derma
Professional Derma

Jalupro® Super Hydro


Jalupro Super Hydro is the latest innovative skin enhancer from Jalupro providing deep hydration and long-lasting revitalization of tired and dehydrated skin. This product contains 80 mg of Hybrid HA (hyaluronic acid with two different particle sizes) and is combined with 3 peptides and 7 amino acids. Thanks to the rich combination of amino acids, Jalupro Super Hydro supports and strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastin by stimulating fibroblasts. The AA cluster penetrates deep into the skin, where it strengthens the peptide structure, providing a strong lifting effect, firmness and deep hydration.
In addition, a deep and long-lasting biorevitalizing treatment helps to stimulate the regeneration of facial ligaments.

Intended use:

  • tired skin, devoid of tension and elasticity, in need of strong activation of cellular processes
  • highly dehydrated skin
  • fallen face oval, the so-called hamsters
  • lost volume and sagging skin
  • face, neck, cleavage, hands

Jalupro Super Hydro can be combined with Jalupro HMW.

The effects of using Jalupro Super Hydro:

  • strengthening the ligaments of the face - improving the tone and contour of the face
  • regeneration of the structure of fat pads and improvement of their location - elimination of the so-called hamsters and slender facial features
  • reduction and smoothing of wrinkles
  • intense, long-lasting hydration
  • natural rejuvenation and improvement of skin quality

One ready-to-use 2.5 ml syringe contains:

  • 80 mg of a mixture of low (200 kD) and high molecular (2,000 kD) hyaluronic acid,
  • 65 mg of amino acids
  • biomimetic peptides

Product for professional use only.
By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.

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