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Business Partnerships

Our Commitment

At Filler Lux, we believe that collaboration with suppliers worldwide is crucial for our success. To ensure responsible sourcing, supplier inclusion, and sustainable manufacturing and distribution, we employ responsible sourcing and supply chain strategy. We strive to work with suppliers that share our values related to social, economic, and environmental performance and follow auditing procedures to minimize the impact of our procurement and supply chain practices.

We are always eager to collaborate with companies that offer certified goods and services of high quality at a reasonable price, and who are committed to making a positive impact. If your company meets these criteria, we would be thrilled to have you as a part of our success story.

What we buy

Filler Lux is a company that specializes in acquiring and distributing a diverse assortment of products. These include but are not limited to, a wide range of aesthetic and beauty products such as skincare, haircare, and makeup, as well as medical devices, laser machines, and equipment used in various fields such as dermatology, plastic surgery, and beauty spa. Additionally, the company also supplies lab equipment and various types of supplies, such as disposable gloves, masks, and other protective gear. With a focus on quality and safety, Filler Lux seeks to provide its customers with the best possible products and services.

Responsible Sourcing

Filler Lux is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all aspects of our business, including our supply chain. We firmly stand against the use of slavery and human trafficking in any form, as well as discrimination based on factors such as race, color, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We strive to work with suppliers who share our values and demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices. We carefully select our suppliers based on their compliance with all relevant local laws and their alignment with our ethical standards.

We believe in promoting a safe and inclusive work environment for all individuals, including those who work with us. We are committed to upholding our ethical standards and working collaboratively with our suppliers to create a better world for everyone.

Would you like to become an official partner?

We welcome proposals for cooperation and invite you to submit your offer via email. Our team is committed to carefully considering all proposals that align with our organization's values and objectives. Please ensure that your proposal includes detailed information about your company, your proposed plan for cooperation, and any other relevant details that could help us evaluate your proposal effectively. We appreciate your interest in working with us and look forward to receiving your proposal.