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Aesthefill | new generation collagen | anti-aging Polylactic acid fillers and PowerFill are the development and products of South Korean research bio-venture company Regen Biotech, Inc. Founded in 2000, Regen Biotech, together with leading institutions in South Korea (KIST, KAIST and many others), is engaged in research in the field of biology and tissue engineering. Since its founding, many of Regen Biotech’s research projects and technologies have been recognized by the Korean government and other institutions in South Korea and abroad. In 2000, Regen Research Institute was certified by the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA).

​Since 2003, Regen Biotech specialists have been developing biodegradable polymer microparticles and methods for their production, and only in 2012, the Regen Biotech Research Institute received a South Korean (KFDA) and US (FDA) patent.

In 2012, clinical trials of AestheFill (Asan Medical Center and Chung-ang University Hospital in Seoul) and PowerFill (Guro Hospital of Korea University and Hallim University Medical Center in Seoul) were successfully completed.

AestheFill and PowerFill are manufactured under license from KFDA.

The main component of AestheFill and PowerFill preparations is polylactic acid PDLLA (Poly-D, L-Lactic Acid). It is the unique combination of D- and L-lactide that provides the porous structure of microspheres, uniform collagen production, quick suspension preparation, uniform structure without foam and flakes. Round PDLLA particles, due to their spherical shape, provide a high degree of safety and reliability, confirmed by clinical trials and approved by the FDA.

As a result of AestheFill, collagen fibers with strong covalent bonds are formed. The spherical shape of the particles provides a high percentage of fibroblast production for the formation of new collagen. The effect of using AestheFill is skin tightening, replenishment of natural volume, restoration of contours lost with age. AestheFill is successfully used for the treatment of scars, including post-acne.

The PowerFill medical device is a PLA-based filler that is a suspension of biodegradable PLA microspheres in a buffer solution. Bioimplant PowerFill is recognized as a new safe technique for increasing the volume of the buttocks and the circumference of the penis.

Today, AestheFill and PowerFill are certified almost all over the world.

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